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Landmark Public Adjustments is an independent licensed public adjusting company. We represent you, the policy holder, for damage losses to your property caused by water, fire, earthquake, flood and theft.


We are a strong advocate for the insured by navigating and expediting the arduous and complex maze of the claims process. We realize that every insured’s claim is unique and we prepare and tailor each claim to address the insured’s specific situation.

Landmark is proud of our reputation for the swift and satisfactory recovery of settlements for damaged properties incurred by our clients. We use our expertise in protecting the insured from insufficient settlements from their insurance companies in the effort to restore your damaged property.


To help you decide if you should move forward with your claim on your own or with us at Landmark, we offer a free consultation to help you make a peace of mind decision towards the recovery of your loss. We are a professional firm with the integrity and the passion to handle your claim to your complete satisfaction.

What Is aPublic Adjuster?

A public adjuster's job consists of assisting all clients and to help settle their claim for the best results.
At Landmark Public Adjustments we will make sure that our clients get everything they are owed.
During this process our public adjusters will assess the damages and negotiate with the Insurance company to coordinate your financial settlement.
Our public adjusters here at Landmark are sure to handle all large and complex claims under commercial and residential properties.

Why ChooseLandmark Public Adjustments

Landmark Public Adjustments use updated
technology and are driven to give you the best results. Here at Landmark Public Adjustments
we use software such as Hover, Matterport and Drones to reach the maximum completion and satisfaction for your claim.

Our GreatTeam

Our Public Adjusters at Landmark are all licensed and ready to work with you
during these hardships! Feel free to reach out to our Landmark employees who are always here to help! Call us for your free consultation today!